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COA Halloween luncheon full of treats

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

Halloween is typically focused on kids and candy, but it’s truly an opportunity for everyone to
break away from the stress of everyday life and have some fun. Case in point: seniors at the
Westwood Council on Aging recently engaged in their own merriment — and noshed on their
own fair share of treats — with an exceptional luncheon.

On the day, the Westwood Senior Center was decorated over-the-top in Halloween guise.
Pumpkins colored the tables as centerpieces and skeletons and monsters lurked in windows for
extra ambience. The seniors themselves came dressed in their favorite costumes and
accessories, as did the spirited COA staff.

The COA staff should be commended; it was responsible for dressing up the venue, and put
thoughtful details into the event to make especially it memorable. They even incorporated a
raffle and live music into the afternoon.

Entertainer Tommy Rull, meanwhile, sang “The Monster Mash” and favorite oldies tunes in a
dramatic Dracula costume. Sing-alongs naturally flowed with catchy hits like “New York, New
York,” and the joy was permeating through the center. Seniors couldn’t help but dance along
and sway in their seats before settling in and enjoying pasta with meatballs and salad.
Overall, the enchanting afternoon luncheon brought great happiness to the seniors of
Westwood. Friends new and old were happy to socialize and found the environment an easy
setting to relax and revel in seasonal joy. Senior Jerry Sanders coordinated with his wife in black
and silver Halloween get-ups; he was dressed in a tuxedo and a comical shark attack hat. Glad
to make others smile, Sanders revealed: “I’ve been coming to the COA for five years now. I go
to their Current Conversations every Wednesday.”

The abundance of programs at the COA speaks volumes of the Council’s mission to make
everyone feel accepted. Repeat visitors welcome new faces just the same, as does the helpful
staff and volunteers.

The Westwood Council on Aging hosts events every day for seniors to enjoy. Stop by the COA

on Nahatan Street or visit online at

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