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COA chefs honor Julia Child

 By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Seniors took to Powisset Farm to celebrate women’s history month and a certain notable culinary figure. Powisset’s Chef Thi regards Julia Child as one of her heroes. As an explanation, Thi let the food do the talking. She guided COA seniors in cooking their way through some of Child’s best dishes.

“She’s my idol and I look up to her in every way.” Thi remarked of Child. Starting from age five, Thi has been a fan of Child’s and wished to honor her, as she does every March, in celebration of women’s history month. “When I was younger, I would turn on PBS and it was either Sesame Street or Julia Child’s cooking show. I hated Sesame Street. I learned a lot from watching her.” She chose to pay homage to Child with some of her favorites. A perfectly roasted chicken, riced potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, and an apple tarte tatin fit the bill. 

Regarding a mirepoix as “a good way to use up your ugly vegetables,” Thi instructed seniors to chop scallions, celery, carrots, and onion. This was the stuffing for the chicken. Volunteers trussed the chicken and were surprised to learn how easily things came together in the kitchen a la Child. Thi familiarized the group on tricks to tell when a bird is done cooking if your meat thermometer is finicky- you can twist the leg, and if it twists easily, it’s done! 

Asparagus and hollandaise sauce along with riced potatoes coupled for the side dishes. Fair amounts of butter made up the bulk of the recipes and carried into dessert, too. Carmelized sugar bubbled on the stove and softened yellow golden delicious and Cortland apples. The smell alone enticed everyone. 

Once the dough was rolled, chefs worked diligently to finish their work and enjoy the fruits of their labor. One senior brought a behind the scenes framed photo of Child, given to her by a friend when she was on air. The focus of Child carried on throughout the evening. This Powisset meal brought plenty of laughs, recommendations for meals or places to leisure, and genuine connection. In the same vein of Child’s philosophy, “An Homage to Julia Child”  focused on good food and good people. 

Chef Thi teaches courses like “Homage to Julia Child” and more at Powisset Farm. For more information, visit 

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