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Wellesley Multicultural Festival set for Saturday

The community is invited to explore, learn and feel the joy of sharing global cultural heritage with the World of Wellesley for the Wellesley Multicultural Festival on Saturday, April 10, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Registration is free for attendees and programing is multi-generational and diverse. Register at the World Of Wellesley website:

The Wellesley Multicultural Festival (WMCF) is a town-wide, annual event, organized in partnership with the community and core values of the Wellesley Public Schools which raises important questions for citizens, public administrators, and political leaders by asking for recognition of and respect for cultural heritage and its differences. The dimensions of multicultural awareness include: content integration; knowledge construction process; prejudice reduction; equity pedagogy; and empowering school culture and social structure.

Growing and learning in a multicultural environment yields (in particular for K-12th graders) a greater understanding of others’ beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors; furthermore, knowledge of others, is a collective gain of higher level, interpersonal and social skills. Through understanding various cultures and social groups, students and community members will make connections from their own lives to the lives of their peers and thrive in a diverse world.

For more information, contact Rama K. Ramaswamy at

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