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Wellesley Inn resurrected in literature

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Wellesley residents who remember the Wellesley Inn, the stately building that once graced Washington Street until it was razed in 2006, are in for a literary surprise.

Author Carol June Stover has resurrected the venerable building in the “Kenmore Square - A Novel,” released on December 2. Most of the story is set in and around the white-columned inn, and Stover says it’s full of surprises.

“While my novel’s genre is literary fiction, it’s also a cozy mystery,” Stover says. “I lived in Newton for over twenty five years and spent lots of time in Wellesley. Every time I saw the inn, I’d admire it’s beauty, but I’d also think, ‘Wouldn’t it be a great setting for a mystery?’ When I eventually ventured into writing as a second career, I made good on my hunch.”

A synopsis of “Kenmore Square”: Iris Apple is like most single teens in the 1950s except for two things: She’s the granddaughter of Boston’s most notorious bookie and she suspects that her father murdered her mother. But how can she prove it?

“Kenmore Square” can be ordered at local bookstores or on ine from Amazon, Nook and Smashwords (ebook only) in soft cover and eBook editions. For more information, visit

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