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Wake Up Wellesley live-streaming, July 14

On July 14 at 6 p.m., part three of the four-part “Wake Up, Wellesley” series, titled “Where Do We Go From Here?”, will be live-streamed here. This forum will feature experts, educators, and allies at the forefront of national anti-racist efforts. Through this dialogue, organizers are interested in identifying those systemic changes which will make Wellesley a community that attracts, rather than repels, individuals of color and minority groups. For this, they have sought the input of national experts. Where do we begin in drawing our community’s action plan? How can we most effectively tap into our significant resources to further our anti-racist trajectory? What do we prioritize?

The discussion format will consist of a Zoom webinar broadcasted live to YouTube, where audience members may contribute insights, advice, and support through the chat function. If desired, community members may also register to be participants in the webinar. All are welcome - residents of Wellesley and beyond - and active members of Wellesley's town government and public school community are especially invited.

“Wake Up, Wellesley” is a series of online conference-style discussions on racism in Wellesley, intended to illuminate the injustices and micro-aggressions that permeate various dimensions of our children’s and our neighbors’ everyday lives. Organizers hope to incite a collaborative effort among community members in developing an action plan for eradicating racism in town.

“Wake Up, Wellesley” is intended to serve as only the beginning of an ongoing commitment to acknowledging our privilege, lifting up our black neighbors, and actively promoting equality. Wellesley will refuse to let this movement lose steam. Wellesley will not allow these voices - growing increasingly hoarse with every hour - to go unheard. Wellesley will set an example for the rest of Massachusetts, for the rest of our nation, on what it means to listen, learn, and change.

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