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Rotarians to raise restaurant funds

As a result of the coronavirus, the Rotary Club of Wellesley's annual Taste of Wellesley fundraiser has been cancelled. Consequently, in consideration with the club’s mission, the Rotarians hope to help support the local businesses in town who have graciously supported the club fundraising events in the past.

The Rotary Club is considering an ambitious plan to raise $200,000 to help restaurants in Wellesley by giving each of the 14 participating restaurants $12,000 in exchange for 600 meals delivered to workers at 20 of the state’s hospitals.

This will not only help support the restaurants in town, but will help businesses associated with the restaurants - including, but not limited to, produce and dairy companies, paper suppliers, etc.

Each restaurant would be responsible for making 200 meals a week over the course of a three week period to be delivered to area hospitals at a pre-coordinated time. Restaurants would be responsible for the delivery of meals.

The Rotarians are hoping to solicit corporate donations, as well as individual donations, through a GoFundMe page:

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