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Plaque Honors Founders Of Medfield High Boosters Club

BY JOSH PERRY (@Josh_Perry10)
Hometown Weekly Staff
Last week, a small group of people gathered in the hallway outside the Medfield High gym to unveil a plaque, which had been moved from Blake Middle School, honoring John Miner for helping to create the Boosters Club and becoming its first president.

Miner’s son Gary was on hand to remove the covering on the plaque along with Medfield High principal Robert Parga, Medfield selectman Richard DeSorgher, and Julie Cook, Co-President of the Medfield High PTO, who spearheaded the move of the plaque into the high school.

The Boosters Club that Miner and several other families created in 1963 when they removed rocks from the the football field, which was then located at Dale Street School, continues today. It was renamed the PTO several years ago.

Miner read aloud from the inscription on the plaque and had to pause in the middle as emotions washed over him while reading the words praising his father’s effort on behalf of the school and its students.

The inscription read in part, “In 1963, the Medfield Schools’ Boosters Club was born at Medfield High. It was the idea of John Miner, Bob Coulter, and Bill Bowman to show their support for the MHS Football Team.”

“The Boosters Club continued to grow, soon supporting all MHS athletic teams, school clubs, and school activities and encouraging school spirit. The Club’s name was changed to the “Medfield High School PTO,” and continues to provide activities, athletic, and co-curricular support to the students and staff at MHS.”

The plaque is now located right outside the ticket window to the gym where Medfield students, families, and school staff can see it and understand the impact and lasting legacy that John Miner and the other founders had.

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— Hometown Weekly Staff

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