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MassBay collecting Student Emergency Fund donations

MassBay Community College Foundation is currently requesting donations to help support the Student Emergency Grant Fund, which assists students with outside college expenses so they can continue their education, during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. MassBay students who apply for this funding typically use the money to pay for books and other classroom essentials, as well as rent, utilities, car repair, food, technology, and other expenses that might be barriers for degree or class completion.

“MassBay students are finding themselves in financial distress more than they ever have before,” said Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations Mary Shia. “Many have lost their jobs and they are struggling to support themselves and their families while in pursuit of their education. Also, many of our students lack basic needs such as housing and food, so they have other external expenses they need to address before they can focus on their studies. These are real issues that might push our students to drop out of college. The Student Emergency Grant Fund is in place for these and many more reasons. It ensures the students can reach their goals while giving them extra support.”

In a typical year, the MassBay Foundation releases $25,000 per year. There is presently $14,000 available for disbursement in the fund, however, these funds are expected to be depleted in the next few weeks. Under normal circumstances, the maximum amount a student can receive per request is $1,000, with a maximum of $2,000 during their time at MassBay. The Foundation has recently raised the maximum for students who demonstrate the most severe need because of the COVID-19 situation.

Anyone interested in donating to the Student Emergency Fund can visit

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