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Walpole COA hosts monthly birthday party

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Walpole Council on Aging is one of the most supportive communities one can find in town. Everything from weekly mahjongg to bus rides around town to Senior Moments, the premiere senior singing group, is provided to the seniors of the community. The warmth and kindness does not end there, however. Each month, the Council on Aging hosts a monthly birthday party, providing cake, joy, and a celebration. “It’s not a party exclusively for people whose birthday are in that month; we want everyone to come and have cake!” Council on Aging Director Kerri McManama explained.

This program began in November, so the January birthday party was only the third the COA has hosted. However, it has been an incredibly successful program. “Anyone whose birthday is during that month is brought up and we sing to them!” McManama said. “Last month, we had a big group. The Senior Moments were all there - and there’s about 20 of them. There were about 30 people here last month,” McManama said. This month’s turn-out was slightly smaller due to some unfortunate weather, however, “it’s pretty typical for rain.” Attendance will hopefully perk back up once the sun comes out.

Harrington House provides the cake each month. “It’s a wonderful thing that they do,” commented McManama. As the cake was served and cut, sounds of satisfaction filled the room. “Yums,” in addition to the outcry of “This is delicious!” indicated that the confection was more than satisfactory. It’s never a bad time for a burst of celebration and joy, especially in the month of January.

And so, let them eat cake.

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