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Seniors celebrate with spring fling

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

On Wednesday, April 26th seniors gathered together for the South Street Center for their third Annual Spring Fling. This was the very first social outdoor event, without spacing requirements at the South Street Center since April of 2021.

COA staff desperately wanted to get our seniors together again to be social and celebrate being together. The Spring Fling has become a favorite annual event among the COA members.

While staff and guests had hoped to celebrate Spring on the patio, the temperatures were not quite where we needed them to be for people to be comfortable. Luckily, the weather did not stop the fun, since the world is not facing the same constraints as it was back in 2021, so the guests and staff were able to move the event indoors.

The seniors enjoyed boxed lunches during the event and indulged on whoopee pies for a sweet treat. Entertainment was provided by the Paul Nolan Band, who volunteered, along with additional volunteers who helped to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Despite the weather being less than perfect, seniors were still able to have a great time indoors, enjoying their spring fling in the company of friends with great food and wonderful music.
COA staff and members are hopeful to be out on the patio for the Summer Kick Off BBQ event later in May.

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