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Hometown Weekly Away from Home

Susanne Cawley brought the Hometown Weekly to Vero Beach, Florida, ‘My second favorite place to be besides Walpole, Mass!’

To celebrate Hometown Weekly’s 25th anniversary, we’re inviting our readers to submit photos of their Hometown Weekly away from home.

What exactly does that mean?

Simple. Next time you’re heading somewhere special outside of Hometown Weekly’s communities, bring along your latest edition of the paper. When you arrive, take a selfie with the newspaper and your destination in the background. Send us the high-resolution photo along with your name, some details about the location (if you’d like), and contact info.

The photos will appear in the paper throughout the year, and every submission will also be automatically entered in a drawing to win $100.

We’ll let you determine what “somewhere special” means. It could be Antarctica. It could be a peaceful, picturesque spot just a short hop away from town. Just make sure to keep your cameras (and your latest copy of Hometown Weekly) handy - wherever your special place may be, we want to see it!

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