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Garden Club brings beauty to patio

By Madison Butkus
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Walpole COA got a vamped up look this past week as the Volunteer Garden Club planted an array of beautiful flowers on the patio. They filled hanging planters and several large containers in order to elevate the summer season patio experience for the seniors as well as the Walpole community who ultimately utilize the rail behind the building.

While a lot of progress was made, the Volunteer Garden Club is not quite finished yet. They will continue to monitor and water their plants all season long. As an added bonus, the group also included vegetable containers which will be closely monitored over the summer as well. These vegetables will eventually be harvested and available for seniors to take home with them.

As far as future projects go, Garden Club Leader, Bill Abbott, went on to state, “For this year, the group has a number of projects that we will be considering: expanding the perennial garden in the parking lot; adding some color to the small island next to the driveway; trying some shade tolerant colorful plants in the gardens on both sides of the entrance; mix some perennial chrysanthemums in with the tulips and perennials in the parking lot island garden.”

The Volunteer Garden Club is always looking for new members to join. Abbott explained, “You don’t have to be an expert gardener – none of us are. Nor do you have to have a green thumb. What we’ve learned is that plants want to grow, you just need to put them in the right spot. We hope you enjoyed the flowers around the center as much as we have enjoyed them.”

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