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Northeast Coonhound Rescue reacts to pandemic

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

When the coronavirus first hit Massachusetts, many rescues realized that they would have to change their normal line of operations until conditions allowed them to resume a semi-normal state. However, as the rest of the world has shifted, so has the day to day work...

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Hounds howl at Elm Bank

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By Amelia Tarallo Hometown Weekly Staff There are few dogs that don’t enjoy a good walk. With so many smells to sniff, and places to run, and new friends to meet, walks are the equivalent of a theme park adventure for man’s best friend. On Saturday, July 27, Northeast Coonhound Rescue hosted one of its...
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Rescue dogs bark, bay at Borderlands

By Amelia Tarallo Hometown Weekly Special Correspondent The first time I heard of a coonhound was when I got a call that my mother had randomly adopted a dog while I was away at college. Our elderly beagle had passed away, and she was itching to find a new companion for our lonely beagle. Without telling anyone...
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