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Westwood Little League Parade

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Community is the best part of sports; in sports it’s not only about getting the best play or being a starter on the field, but it is truly about the connections and memories players make from their youth. An athlete will always remember the guidance and support coaches and volunteers gave them along the way. The town of Westwood has embraced the remarkable aspect of the sports community and have celebrated young athletes for decades.

On Saturday, April 29th, the Westwood community represented and celebrated their young baseball and softball players in a little league parade and countless of celebrations proceeding. From face paint to balloon making the little leaguers had a blast feeling loved and supported by their friends and family.

Head chair of the Select Board of Westwood, Rob Gotti, served as the Little League president for two years and before then he worked with the organization for 15 years. After speaking with the little league teams, and the community, Gotti was pleased to see such a great turnout knowing how well it brings together the Westwood community.

“The greatest part about little league is that it is volunteer driven, the opportunities don’t exist without participation from both kids and parents. The opportunity to influence, shape them, and allow them to become more resilient individuals that’s what baseball is all about. This is where the love of baseball really begins,” said Gotti.

Since being involved with the Little League organization for so long, Grail shared some advice for the players as they grow into the sport.

“Want good for all, so much today is about being the starter or getting enough playing time. My best advice is to want good for everybody, because it will be your turn up. Cheer as loud as you can for the person in your position right now, that’s what is all about,” said Gotti.

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