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Walpole Rebels prepare for football season

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By Jess McNamara
Hometown Weekly Correspondent

As the summer comes to a close, the Walpole Rebels are gearing up for another football season. Under the leadership of longtime Walpole Football coach Barry Greener, the players have spent the summer preparing for the upcoming gridiron gauntlet. Last fall, the Rebels ended the season with an 8-3 record, but after losing many key players from the graduating class of 2016, they have focused on rebuilding. Players have spent the summer practicing daily at “Gut Camp,” a program that helps players get in shape for the season, and are spending a week at Bay State Football Camp, where they will train alongside players from neighboring towns.

“We lost a lot of key players from last year’s graduating class, so [we] need to step up to fill their shoes” said senior Nathaniel Kelley, who is a center for the Walpole Rebels. “Our senior captains Charlie Auditore and David White have really set the tone for the season going forward with their level of commitment and leadership, as they set an example for not only the younger kids, but for the seniors and how to be better leaders.”

For many Walpole residents, Rebel Football is a point of pride, with a team that is known for its dedication and commitment to the game. “I think everyone who wears the “Rebel” name on their jersey realizes how great of a town [Walpole] is” continued Kelley. “We want to represent this town to the best of our abilities this upcoming season.”
The season will begin with a game against Marblehead held on Friday, September 9.

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