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Walpole Baseball dips under Mustangs

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter

The baseball team has a shot at the tournament this season after making a huge comeback in the second half of their regular season. Although, the boys closed off their regular season with a 3-1 loss over their non-league competition, Norwood, last Thursday afternoon.

The Timberwolves have polished off their season with a 12-8 record and have been improving each day. Head coach Chris Costello has been reflecting on their improvements throughout the second half of the season and hopes to advance far into the tournament.

“The second half of the season is what we envisioned we were 8-2, in our last ten we are certainly trending in the right direction heading towards tournament, we are excited to see what we can do in the tournament. The seniors have brought incredible leadership, we were in a tough spot at one point being 4-7, we had some conversations about that and the seniors absolutely turned us around in the right direction and gave us a nice season. We are playing as anybody in the state right now and it’s all attributed to the seniors,” said Costello.

After facing some challenging pitches, Costello knew the boys gave it their all on the field despite Norwood’s lead on the scoreboard.

“Our plan with Jack on the mound for Norwood was to continue to put the ball in play and out pressure on Norwood’s defense, we did that at times, but Jack is very talented and was a bit better than us today. He pitched his best when we had runners on base,” said Costello.

Senior pitcher Matthew Bianculli pitched for the entirety of the match, holding his own on the mound alongside his strong defense on the outfield.

“Certainly we pitched well, Matty was really good along with our defense behind him, Norwood earned their runs, we played well overall,” reflected Costello.

The boys hope to continue far into the post season, and the tournament schedule can be found on the arbiter website.

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