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Rocket girls tie Walpole

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Needham’s girls varsity ice hockey team soared on the ice against the hosting Walpole
Timberwolves. The contest took place at the Rodman arena on Saturday, February 11, with the
match-up closing in a 0-0 tie.

As the first period began, the Rockets took a storm over the Timberwolves, staying mostly on
their offensive end. The girls launched passes toward each other connecting to get shots on the
net. By the second and third periods, the Timberwolves gained more action on the ice and held
a strong defense to the Rockets’ daring shots.

Rockets superstar goalie, junior Allie Curtis, saved a total of 27 shots from the Timberwolves.
“I think we were so determined to win, we put our heart into the game,” said Curtis.

Head coach Allisyn Furano-Foster was proud of the commitment and perseverance the Rockets
put into their game Saturday and praised Walpole’s strength throughout the match-up.

“I think the girls played very good hockey. I think our lines worked well together, and our defense
was solid. I think both goalies played well, and both teams had great opportunities it just so
happened the puck didn’t make it into the net tonight,” said Furano-Foster.

At the time of print, the Rockets will take on Brookline High School at home on Wednesday,
February 15.

“We have four games left of the season; we are still trying to qualify for the tournament. We are
taking it one step at a time and playing as a team,” said Furano-Foster.

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