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Needham CATH throws shortcake social

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly staff

Tables quickly filled up at the Needham Center at the Heights (CATH) on Friday afternoon, September 9, as the Friends of The Center at the Heights held a luncheon to discuss fundraising and future plans. Seniors looked forward to the yearly event that includes infamously delicious strawberry shortcake — and the opportunity to bond with others in the community. The annual event acknowledges staff, volunteers, and friends who have made an impact within the past year. 

After Council on Aging Assistant Director Aicha Kelley and Director LaTanya Steele happily welcomed seniors, Anne Brain gave the treasurer’s report and commended the Friends on a successful fiscal year. Volunteers were recognized for their work — from van drivers to grocery shoppers, seniors and staff were glad to give a round of applause to those who help make the community better. Seniors grabbed raffle tickets in hopes of winning the impressive door prizes; winners received gift cards to a local bakery and coffee shops, as well as the grand prize, a variety snack bag loaded up with goodies from a grocery store.

Board members Isabelle Avedikian and Anne Brain shared the various activities going on every day at the Center. “We have something every day here,” Avedikian says. “Mahjong, bridge, pool. Also we have an exercise room. It has a lot of equipment that’s geared towards seniors.” In terms of fitness, the Center offers accessible machines, and programming with Zoom classes and certified instructors to help seniors with wellness. 

Secretary and Chair Beverly Pavasaris added: “We have arts and crafts, painting, movies, stories, current events, and speakers that come in.” 

As seniors enjoyed their shortcake, they were reminded there’s always something new going on at the Center. No one sat alone as chatter continued after the presentation. Welcoming faces became new friends almost immediately. 

“This becomes a family,” Avedikian noted. “They come here daily. They make friends and have people they can do things with.” 

To get involved, look for the Needham COA newsletter, Compass, or stop by the Center.

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