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Girls volleyball starts season strong

By Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter

Crowds packed the Medfield gymnasium on Wednesday, September 6th, as the Warriors girls volleyball team prepared to host the Westwood Wolverines in their home opener for the season. Despite the hot and humid conditions, the Medfield girls displayed their talent admirably, achieving victory in all three sets with final scores of (27-25), (25-17), and (25-18).

In the first set, both teams demonstrated exceptional performance, eagerly anticipating the season's inaugural match. Medfield initiated the contest strongly, capitalizing on opportunities to secure points. However, each set victory was hard-fought, with Westwood showing cohesiveness and strength, encouraging one another throughout the match. Ultimately, both teams reached a 25-25 tie, necessitating extra points to determine the winner of the first set. Medfield persevered, securing the required two additional points before a brief break before the second set.

Both teams continued their strong performance in the second and third sets, creating an exciting opening night for both sides and setting the tone for determination and perseverance throughout the season. Amidst water breaks and enthusiastic cheers from fans supporting both teams, the return to the court was a refreshing experience for all. Head coach Jerry Shu emphasized the importance of health and safety, particularly given the rising heat.

"I prioritize health and safety, always," Shu commented. "The conditions were actually exacerbated by spectator attendance - we accumulated their heat as well - but it was good energy, so it balanced out. We took water breaks as needed, not timeouts, and ensured that conditions on the court were safe to play, considering sweat and condensation. All the sets were closely contested, and I kept reminding the girls, point by point, and provided them with a mental countdown to incentivize finishing strong and getting into air-conditioned rooms."

The Warriors' upcoming match will see them on the road against the Ashland Clockers on Friday, September 15th, with the match commencing at 6:30 p.m.

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