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Girls’ tennis prepares for regular season

By Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter

Westwood's girls' tennis team, the reigning TVL champions, is preparing for the 2023-2024 season with high expectations. With nine returning varsity players and the addition of five new recruits, the Wolverines are poised for another impressive season on the courts. Building on their outstanding performance last year, during which they secured a 15-2 overall record and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen round of playoffs, the team is focused on maintaining their successful momentum. In their inaugural match of the season, the girls traveled to Holliston High on Tuesday, April 2, at 3:45 p.m.

Martha Laughna, who has served as head coach of the Westwood girls’ tennis program for over ten years, will lead the team once again this season. She will work alongside three talented senior captains: Caragh Costello, Christina Falkowski, and Hanya Yang: “They all bring a little bit different to the table which is usually the case when we pick captains. One might be leading the team on the court, the other might be more organizational. I would say their skillset compliments each other,” said Laughna.

Amongst tryouts this season, the Wolverines welcomed a strong group of experienced freshmen. These freshmen are promising to the future of the Westwood Program in the next few years ahead. High-skilled players on both the JV team, and the varsity team, it can be challenging to get everyone on the courts since there is no subbing in a tennis match. However,  Coach Laughna shared her philosophy on getting every player on the courts for official matches.

“This year we have 14 players on the team, which is more than what we usually would have. One role the captains play is to bring the team together, it can be a long season for some of them because they might not have official matches. But we do have exhibition matches, so one thing that’s different about tennis is that once you’re in, you’re in. If you aren't playing a match that day, there is no subbing. It’s not like you can give other people some playing time here and there, because you can’t sub. My philosophy is that if someone is on varsity they’re able to play at least a couple of official matches... everybody is going to get the opportunity to play an official match,” said Laughna. 

Last year the girls left it to the final match against Hopkinton to determine the TVL Championship title. It was a matchup for the books as the girls rallied together to cheer on the senior singles and doubles team still left on the court. Coach Laughna reflected that those seniors showcased poise and hard work, she hopes that those on the team last season will carry that with them into the 2023-2024 season. 

“We won the tri-valley league and hopefully anyone who was on the team then got from it that if they work really hard and don’t give up in a match, then good things will happen,” said Laughna. 

Upcoming matches will be held on Thursday April 11, as the girls will host Dover-Sherborn High at 3:45 PM and Wednesday May 15, the Wolverines will play the Medfield Warriors at 3:45PM. To learn more about the girls’ tennis schedule please visit:

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