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Girls soccer prepares for regular season

Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter

The Westwood turf field was shrouded in darkness due to ominous clouds that loomed overhead. While it had been a cloudy day, the rain had decided to subside for the day's scrimmage. The Wolverine girls' soccer team embarked on their first scrimmage of the season against Oliver Ames High.

As the teams fielded their 11 v. 11 starters, the game commenced with the blow of the referee's whistle, signaling the start of the first half. The Wolverines burst down the field, setting the tone for the evening's competition. Many athletes skillfully dribbled past their opponents, showcasing their diverse range of abilities. By the second half, the team appeared strong, connecting their passes and growing more comfortable with their on-field chemistry.

Head Coach Seth Lucash, in his sixth season coaching the Westwood girls' team, was elated to witness the team in action, starting the season on a strong note.

"I believe there were moments where we executed our game plan flawlessly, particularly in the midfield. We boast a robust group of midfielders and an overall solid team. I was genuinely pleased to see that we maintained control for extended periods against a formidable opponent," said Lucash.

Lucash holds high expectations for the team this season, despite being in a transitional phase. He acknowledges that some may underestimate the Wolverines due to the loss of half the team last season, as many seniors graduated. Lucash aims to turn this into an advantage on the field, instilling a resilient mentality in his team for the upcoming season.

"This season represents a reset year for us; we graduated 14 seniors last year. We entered this season understanding that it's an opportunity to rebuild the program and establish a new group and core. Fortunately, we're returning the majority of our defensive line, central midfielders, and some wingers. We have a wealth of talent returning, and the current freshman and sophomore groups are also brimming with talent. I'm genuinely excited about what we have in store for this season," said Lucash.

The girls commenced their season with a match against Medfield on Tuesday, September 5th, marking their first league competition of the year. If you couldn't attend, make sure to keep an eye on the Wolverines in action throughout the season and catch a game! You can find their schedule at

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