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Boys’ Basketball’s final quarter comeback 

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Reporter

There was an astonishing fourth-quarter comeback from the Westwood Wolverines on Monday, March 6th. This gave Westwood the jump on the scoreboard ahead of Walpole in the Sweet 16 round of state playoffs. Polishing off a final score of 62-57, Westwood surpassed Walpole.

Westwood and Walpole both came out in high gear, with Walpole’s gymnasium full of fans of both the visitors and the home team. Feeding off the energy of the fans the boys were neck and neck throughout the entire match-up. It was a nail-biting game, as Walpole held the lead for the first three quarters. Headed into the fourth, Walpole took lead by one point, 38-37, and Westwood hunkered in on the offensive boards to get more baskets.

With a three- point difference in the competition with 17 seconds left of the fourth, Westwood took control of the Timberwolves. Sealing off their win with two free throws, the Wolverines scratched up two more points for their team Westwood’s top leading scorers were Max Jacobson who pocketed 23 points, Brendan Donegan with 17 points and Eli Ifrah had 9 points. As soon as the buzzer screeched, the Westwood crowd surrounded the boys in celebration of their success.

Head coach Ryan Douglass knew Walpole was going to be a hard-fought challenge but knew his team would rise to the challenge.

“We had our backs against the wall, we stuck together though, that’s been the theme all year long and that’s how we did it. Our togetherness will take us places and we know that,” said Douglass.

Westwood went on to go head-to-head in round of eight in the playoffs Friday, but fell to Charlestown 51-45.

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