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Trevor the Juggler awes at library

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Trevor Pearson has been juggling professionally for over 16 years, which absolutely shows in his performance. His list of previous performances includes shows at Foxwoods, Gillette Stadium, throughout Cape Cod, and for the Boston Red Sox. This past Wednesday, Pearson performed at the Needham Public Library, offering his talents and perspective on juggling to all those in attendance. Not only did Pearson display his incredible juggling skills, he incorporated a variety of books which helped him with his journey, incorporating a love of reading into his show.

Pearson teaches a variety of juggling classes, as well, most near his native Cape Cod. However, this particular show was not about learning to juggle, but about marveling the skills Pearson has mastered. With a whimsical combination of juggling techniques and music, Pearson is able to keep his show engaging and entertaining for adults and children. “Juggling for the Complete Klutz” is the first book Pearson mentioned. “It’s been so popular, it’s changed the history of juggling due to how many jugglers have entered the field,” he explained. Despite the physicality of juggling, reading is one of the most useful tools to begin learning.

Moving on to four ball juggling – while also incorporating his shoes and using his feet to help – Pearson mentioned “Beyond the Cascade.”

“The beginning pattern, or the most versatile pattern to start with for learning, is called the cascade,” he said. Pearson makes the whole thing seem easy. He tosses objects without a care, rolling them around his body, and performing feats that do not seem gravitationally possible. The room in which he performed was nearly full – parents had to pull in more chairs just to fit with their fully-invested children.

“Never give up on something you think is cool or want to do just because it’s hard,” Pearson told the group. His words of encouragement are met with a sense of wonder and awe.

Pearson is so humble in his skills that they instill a belief among the assembled: if you try just hard enough, you might be able to do what he does.

Therein lies the real magic of his inspiring performance.

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