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The Tapples release Christmas single

Needham’s youngest recording artists are back with new music.

The Tapples’ holiday single, “Magical Christmas,” is now available on all streaming platforms. The song is a crescendo of harmonies that builds and eventually culminates with a nine-part moving harmony that simulates a choir of carolers.

“This year has been very challenging to say the least. We all miss our family and friends. Since March, we’ve been focused on the positive and channeling our energy – and extra time – into being creative,” said drummer Liam King.

“This song is not only meant to evoke the warm feelings of family that we celebrate as we sit around the Christmas tree,” added Liam. “We also wrote it as a tribute to Needham. During these difficult times, it’s been so nice to see how we’ve rallied as a community to support one another.”

And the sounds of the community are featured on the single. “If you listen closely during the intro and the breakdown sections of 'Magical Christmas,' you can hear the sounds of nature on the song,” said lead guitarist Riley Zakarian. “We set up a microphone in my backyard and just hit record - you can hear crickets, birds, squirrels scurrying, and even the wind blowing through the trees. We incorporated this natural music in the song, to really capture the essence of Needham.”

In another tribute to the town, the cover art features the talents of Needham resident and fine art photographer, Thomas Gaitley. “We reached out to Mr. Gaitley about using one of his photographs entitled ‘Blue Tree – The Final Year’. We were over the moon when he agreed,” said Avery Zakarian, the band’s youngest member. “And we were thrilled to learn that the new Blue Tree will still be lit this holiday season for all of us to see and enjoy!”

Guided by the band’s producer Dennis D’Angelo, Liam King and Riley Zakarian recorded and mixed the song in their home studio using Pro Tools software.

“Magical Christmas” is The Tapples’ first single since the release of their debut EP, “Bus Recovery,” in 2019. Their much-awaited follow-up album, entitled “Where You’ve Been,” will be released in January 2021.

You can listen to “Magical Christmas” and “Bus Recovery” on streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon and Deezer. Follow The Tapples on Facebook (TheTapples), Instagram (@thetapples) and Twitter (@TheTapples) and subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay up-to- date on their latest music.

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