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Summer Reading Finale at NFPL

By Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Children streamed into the community room of the Needham Free Public Library (NFPL) on Tuesday, August 15th, eagerly joining in the festivities of the library's Summer Reading Finale Event. With anticipation filling the air, the crowd settled on the floor, poised for an afternoon of entertainment. The event's highlight was a performance by Trevor the Games Man, who had come to commend the children's dedicated summer reading efforts.

Trevor the Games Man commenced his engaging show by captivating the audience's attention, encouraging them to participate by suggesting various animals, instruments, and shapes he could mimic using vibrant, pliable tubes. The resulting laughter and excitement echoed through the room.

Subsequently, the children became integral parts of the performance, volunteering for interactive acts. One such act involved attempting to give Trevor a high five while he stood on stilts, prompting him to reach skyward toward the ceiling. With each jump, the volunteers managed to elevate Trevor's hand even higher until the tips of their fingers grazed his palm.

As the hour of entertainment unfolded, Trevor and the audience engaged in games such as quick free tag and a detective game. In the latter, an audience member played the role of a leader, instructing the crowd with specific hand movements, while another member attempted to identify the leader among them.

Concluding Trevor's lively show marked the continuation of the fun, as Needham librarians organized carnival-style games for the children to enjoy, complete with opportunities to win prizes. The room buzzed with enthusiasm as youngsters eagerly lined up to participate in games like ring toss and more.

A delightful surprise awaited the children by the exit—special ice cream treats served as a final token of appreciation for their dedication to the summer reading event. The library's array of events, coupled with the summer reading challenge, not only united children but also contributed to their preparation for the upcoming school year. Evident in the expressions of excitement that adorned every face, the accomplishment of devouring numerous books over the summer was a source of immense pride and joy.

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