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Seniors socialize over strawberry shortcake

By Julia Beauregard

Hometown Weekly Editor

On Friday, September 8th, a group of seniors convened in the common room of the Center at the Heights (CATH) for the Friends Annual Strawberry Shortcake Social and Annual Meeting, an event that has been a tradition for the past nine years. The primary purpose of this gathering was to inform seniors about the role played by the Friends of the Center at the Heights Board in supporting various center initiatives, including the gift shop, the compass newsletter, and the numerous activities that take place throughout the year at the CATH.

Upon their arrival, all attendees received a raffle ticket and were warmly welcomed. One of the board members of the Friends led a moment of silence, allowing everyone present to reflect on the lives lost during the past year. Following this solemn moment, Anne Brian, the Friends Treasurer, delivered the treasurer's report, expressing gratitude to all those who continue to contribute to the Friends, as it enables them to continue their valuable activities.

Colleen Schaller, Chair of the Council on Aging in Needham, took the stage to express her appreciation for the Friends of the CATH, stating, "I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Friends because, frankly, without them, we wouldn't be able to host these wonderful events." The seniors in attendance responded with enthusiastic applause, demonstrating their gratitude to the Friends.

Aicha Kelley, Assistant Director of Aging Services, presented the Friends with accolades, stating, "We are one of the busiest senior centers in the state... that's a tremendous compliment!" She further shared that several other senior centers frequently reach out to the CATH staff seeking insights into how they successfully organize the fantastic events that they provide to their seniors. This serves as a testament to the exceptional work carried out by the Friends of the CATH on behalf of their senior community.

After everyone had the opportunity to speak, it was time to announce the raffle winners. Prizes included a variety of gift cards to different restaurants, gift cards for various fitness classes at the CATH, and a goody bag from Trader Joe's. The attendees eagerly anticipated the announcement of the winners, adding to the excitement of the event.

While the seniors enjoyed the thrill of discovering the raffle winners, dedicated volunteers and COA staff worked diligently in the kitchen to prepare the delectable strawberry shortcake that marked the conclusion of the meeting. Seniors savored this sweet treat among friends, making it a delightful start to their weekend.

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