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PTC fundraiser is a slam-dunk

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By Laura Drinan
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Have you ever imagined your dad as Michael Jordan? What about your teacher as LeBron James?

As an elementary school student, few things are more exciting than watching your parents, guardians, and teachers race up and down the basketball court at Needham High School, looking to score against the opposing team. For students at Needham’s Hillside and Eliot elementary schools, the epic match between the two schools on March 16 was one to be remembered.

For the past eight years, the epic game between the two schools has been the most adored fundraiser for Parent Teacher Council (PTC).

Each team – the Hillside team and the Eliot team – is comprised of a mix of teachers and parents/guardians who exemplify teamwork and good sportsmanship.

In the stands, families sat on the edge of their seats, watching as the teams went neck-and-neck throughout the first half of the game, while Eliot PTC member Josh Goldfine manned the scoreboard.

“The kids love it, the parents like it. It’s a good family night for Hillside,” said Hillside PTC Co-President Erin Apstein. “And it’s nice to get the two schools together.”

While it isn’t the PTC’s most profitable fundraiser, Hillside PTC co-president, Betsy Alperstein, describes it as a “feel-good fundraiser” and a community-building event that the students look forward to every March.

“It’s just a really fun rivalry,” Betsy said. “And the house is packed every year.”

This year, mascots for each team added some extra fun and school spirit to the game. For Hillside, a bright yellow hornet interacted with the children in the stands, while a blue eagle for Eliot Elementary School cheered on the players.

After the halftime show from Needham High’s varsity cheerleading team, the match heated up as Eliot pulled ahead 26 to 18. Going into the last quarter, Hillside students remained hopeful and continued to support the team, which tied Eliot at 30-30 before taking the lead, 34-30.

Both teams, however, had a team of skilled players, and with a handful of perfect shots, Eliot once again took the lead, 40-36.

Eliot students crossed their fingers, hoping to secure the win, while Hillside students nervously watched the last two minutes of the game unfold.

With Eliot’s players dropping their defense in the last minutes of the game, Hillside scored twice, tying the game 40 to 40. Seconds later, the buzzer sounded and the crowd breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that their teachers, parents, and guardians were equally matched in the nail-biting game.

While all of the students were satisfied with the tie, they left the gym hoping their school would take home the win next year.

The Hillside hornet offers a celebratory high-five at the annual Hillside versus Eliot game to raise money for the PTC.

The Hillside hornet offers a celebratory high-five at the annual Hillside versus Eliot game to raise money for the PTC.

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