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Norfolk Masonic Building holds open house

By Joseph Maddalena

Hometown Weekly Correspondent

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts hosted its yearly open house initiative where every lodge in the state of Massachusetts hosted an open house on the same day. This event aimed to foster relationships with local communities and invite members of the public to take a look inside their community's Masonic lodges, learn about some of the local history, and garner interest in Freemasonry.

Guests had the opportunity to visit the Norfolk Masonic Building located at 1101 Highland Ave in Needham. This building is home to three distinct and unique lodges: Moses Michael Hays Lodge, Norfolk Lodge, and The Masters Lodge. Each of these lodges boasts a rich history in Needham. During their visit, they had the privilege of speaking with the Master of Moses Michael Hays Lodge, Benjamin Bloomenthal, who graciously offered to provide guests with a tour of their splendid building. By opening their doors to the public, the Lodges seek to demystify Freemasonry, sharing its traditions, values, and the role it has played in shaping local history.

Moses Michael Hays Lodge, one of the lodges hosted in the Norfolk Masonic Building, has a storied past. Established in Needham, it has been a vital part of the community for generations. Its mission is not only to promote the principles of Freemasonry but also to contribute positively to the Needham area.

The Norfolk Lodge, also located within the same Masonic building, has its own unique history and traditions. By participating in the open house event, it hopes to introduce the community to the values it upholds and the charitable work it engages in, all while fostering a stronger connection with local residents.

The Masters Lodge, the third constituent lodge in this Masonic complex, brings its own distinct flavor to the mix. It too embraces the opportunity to engage with the public, showcasing its rich heritage and the contributions it has made to Needham.

Benjamin Bloomenthal, the Master of Moses Michael Hays Lodge, was an enthusiastic guide during their tour. He shared insights into the symbolism and architecture of the building, explained the significance of the Masonic rituals, and highlighted the Lodge's commitment to community service. It was evident that the Masonic lodges of Needham take great pride in their historical legacy and their ongoing dedication to charitable endeavors.

As attendees concluded their visit to the Norfolk Masonic Building, it was clear that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and its constituent lodges had succeeded in their mission to connect with the local community. The open house initiative had not only provided a glimpse into the rich history of these lodges but had also sparked interest and curiosity about Freemasonry among the visitors.

In a world where traditions and values are often overshadowed by the fast pace of modern life, the Masonic lodges of Needham continue to be steadfast in their commitment to preserving and sharing their heritage. The annual open house serves as a reminder of the enduring importance of community connections and the timeless principles of Freemasonry.

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