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NHS class of ’22 graduates

By Emily Rast
Hometown Weekly Intern

It seems the whole town came down to Needham High School on Sunday to cheer on the class of 2022, and the sun was no exception. 

A sea of navy robes shone in the light as the seniors’ friends and family looked down on their graduates from the hill, and a bright display of clouds created a beautiful landscape for this special day.

Needham High School has one of the largest graduating class sizes of the area this year, so of course, their graduation ceremony was bursting with energy. Different families united on the grass to create a collective force of love and pride in the students on the field, whose excitement was evident from the front row to the parking lot. Despite the vastness of the crowd, it appears that every student had their own personal fan club in the stands: the audience members that did not have the assistance of noise makers and homemade signs made up for it with old-school hooting and hollering, making this a passionate celebration of every individual graduate.

This ceremony was traditional in the best way, giving these students a graduation memory they will cherish forever. Surely everyone can agree that if anyone deserves a bit of pleasant normalcy in their high school experience, it is the class of 2022. 

Speeches delivered during the event emphasized the exciting nature of this day for the senior class, and a good sense of humor underscored the whole ceremony. It was heartening to see students patting each other on the backs, holding hands, and cheering each other on as Needham faculty read off the long list of names. 

The NHS class of 2022 has undoubtedly had a wild ride, but its positive energy and smiling faces made its graduation a delightful day for all to witness.

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