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Needham High finance class visits local bank

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Adam Cole, a math teacher at Needham High, brought two Personal Finance classes of Needham High seniors to Needham Bank for a lesson in banking.

John Whittaker and Erica McLaughlin from Needham Bank spent time talking with the students about how banks work, the different account types, the basics of credit and credit scores as well as how to prepare themselves for saving and spending while in college.

Cole remarked, “We started partnering with Needham Bank in the fall semester and the kids responded really well to it. The class is all about real world mathematical situations, so banking is an important topic for them.”

“Having a community partner to provide additional insight for the class is truly an invaluable resource for us.”

Cole will also provide the students with an opportunity to visit a local car dealership and other businesses throughout the semester.

Needham Bank Vice President of Marketing John Whittaker added, “Erica and I have had a lot of fun getting to know these students and teaching them the basics of personal finance. It’s incredibly important for students to have a firm grasp on these topics before they graduate in May.”

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