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Needham Channel Video Explains Domestic Worker Laws

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By Josh Perry
Hometown Weekly Staff

In July 2014, then Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick singed into law a new Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights and in August of 2015 Attorney General Maura Healey issued regulations to employers across the state based on that legislation.

To assist employers in understanding and adhering to the new regulations, the Needham League of Women Voters and the Needham Area Immigration Justice Task Force team up with The Needham Channel to produce a video that can currently be viewed on (search for Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Law, October 2015).

The video explains the new definitions of a domestic worker and an employer, details the records that need to be kept and the written agreements that are required.

According to a press release, “The law creates the basis for a clear relationship between workers and employers that includes specifications about working hours and responsibilities, vacation and sick time, as well as other benefits.”

It continued, “The fact that domestic workers were left out of the legal protections in older laws is a mistake that has now been rectified.”

More information about the new laws can be found at

View the new video, courtesy of The Needham Channel, below:

Josh Perry is an Editor at Hometown Weekly. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @Josh_Perry10.

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