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Needham begins reopening recreational spots

Needham has begun it's first phase of reopening the town's recreational spots. As of May 25, the public tennis courts (located at Mills, Newman, and Needham High School) have reopened for passive, no-contact recreational activities. Town playgrounds, basketball courts, and the pools at the Rosemary Recreation Complex will remain closed during this first reopening phase.

Other field and parks will gradually reopen on selected dates. On June 1, the DeFazio Track, DeFazio Brock, DeFazio Founders, Avery Field, Claxon Fields, Dwight Field, Mills Field, Perry Park, and Walker-Gordon will reopen. On June 8, DeFazio Conroy, Defazio Healy, and Defazio Warner will reopen. On Monday, June 15, Broadmeadow, Cricket, Eliot, Greene's Field, High Rock, the High School fields, Mitchell, Newman, and Pollard will reopen.

Rules about using town recreational facilities and more information about reopening can be found here.

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