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MedSafe kiosk installed in Needham

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham (BID–Needham) recently installed a MedSafe medication disposal kiosk in the hospital’s main lobby for the community to safely dispose of personal prescriptions and expired medications that are no longer wanted or needed in their homes. This program is a result of a partnership between BID–Needham and Substance Prevention Alliance of Needham (SPAN).

The drug disposal kiosk will help decrease the amount of accidental, unintentional or intentional misuse, as well as improper disposal, including flushing into the water stream. No needles (including epi-pens), liquids in quantities greater than four ounces, or illegal drugs may be submitted.

“The opioid epidemic is a concern everywhere, including Norfolk County,” says Rebecca Stone, MD, president of the BID–Needham Medical Staff. “This disposal initiative is one of the hospital’s efforts to confront this epidemic as part of our new Opioid Taskforce. Through this taskforce, we have set out to improve education for our patients and providers and develop inpatient and outpatient prescribing guidelines for our clinicians.”

“Proper medication disposal helps reduce the chance that children, the elderly or others may accidentally take medication, or even intentionally misuse it,” says Joe Giovangelo, director of BID­–Needham’s inpatient pharmacy. “Having safe places to properly dispose of medications may encourage people to clean out their medicine cabinets and remove expired or unused medicines as soon as they don’t need it anymore.”

“We hope that the community does their part in fighting the opioid epidemic and keeping medications out of the hands of those who may misuse them,” says Catherine Delano, director of SPAN.

The drug disposal kiosk is located in the main lobby of BID–Needham, using the entrance off of 148 Chestnut Street, Needham. The kiosk is free, anonymous and confidential. An additional drug disposal kiosk is also located at the Needham Police Station for safe drop-off.

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