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Library announces summer reading program

Children and families may sign up for two online summer reading programs at the Needham Free Public Library starting Friday, May 1, by visiting the library web site at and clicking on the Summer Reading link, or by visiting

Those who have registered for summer reading in past years will just need to update their information. Those who are signing up for the first time, will be prompted to fill in the correct information. 

Parents read aloud to their little ones, 0-3 years old, for the early literacy summer reading program. A digital badge is earned for every hour of reading. Parents also receive early literacy tips along the way - simple things they can do at home to help their child develop language skills, love books and be prepared to become readers. Parents complete the program with their child after logging 10 hours of reading by August 4.

Children in the summer reading program for ages 4 -12 years read at home and log online the amount of time they spend reading. Children may also be read aloud to, or listen to audiobooks, and may read any books they chose. Children earn digital badges for every two hours of reading they log. They complete the program by logging 16 hours of reading by August 4. Those who wish to keep reading can earn a special badge by reading for 17 hours or more. 

The theme this year, about fairy tales and fantasy, is "Imagine Your Story." Children ages four and up who register online will embark on a quest through the Enchanted Forest. As they log their reading, they will continue to move further along through an online story in which they are the main character. Encounters with The Big Bad Wolf, a fire-breathing dragon and an evil wizard may pose some difficulties for our heroes. However the Fairy Queen, a unicorn and other magical beings are there to help. Those who succeed in logging 16 reading hours will make it through the forest to the castle. Those who read for 17 hours of more will achieve knighthood.

Several performers will provide both live and recorded virtual events this summer. Online fantasy escape rooms will be posted to the library's Facebook page,

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