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Historical Society celebrates, rebrands at meeting

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By Laura Drinan
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Everyone who attended third grade in Needham knows about the town’s Historical Society. Their 1850’s School House Days program sends third graders back to the mid nineteenth century to experience class in the little red schoolhouse. The Needham Historical Society invites not only third graders to review history, but invites people of all ages to discover Needham’s past.

To exhibit their dedication to providing town knowledge and enrichment programs to the entire community, the Historical Society decided to rebrand themselves. The Needham Historical Society is no longer.

Now, the Needham History Center and Museum offers itself as the hub for all things Needham, from public records to photograph and document archives to artifacts of daily life in town since 1700s.

With a new name and logo, along with new hours coming soon, the Needham History Center and Museum hopes to make a greater impact in the community as an inclusive and welcoming place for all. “It’s a center for education and information, community partner, and a resource for the town and schools,” said Alison Borrelli, President of the Needham History Center and Museum.

“We celebrated our centennial in 2015, so this was a long time coming,” said Suzanne Baker, the Needham History Center and Museum’s Development Manager. “We really wanted to convey to the community that we’re here for everyone in Needham.”

“We want our name and logo and image to better represent us and the wide scope of activities that we offer the community,” Allison continued. “We want you to see a name and an image that welcomes anyone that wants to view an exhibit, hear a lecture, or participate in an event, no matter your age or how long you’ve lived in Needham.”

Those who came to the History Center and Museum on October 22 watched the special unveiling of the new logo and enjoyed an intimate reception with the Board of Directors.

While it may take some time for Needhamites to get used to the new name of the historical center, the Needham History Center and Museum is excited about becoming even more involved in the community by preserving Needham’s history and educating its townspeople.

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