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Greene gives gift from spirit at COA

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly staff

Needhamites lined up at the Council on Aging to seek healing on Thursday evening, August 11, as psychic medium Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene made an appearance to share gifts from spirit with the audience.

Family members gather to hear from loved ones.

Assistant Director of Transportation and Programming of the Needham Council on Aging Aicha Kelley mentioned that some people look specifically for healing, and others find entertainment with Greene’s work.

Greene acknowledged her relationship to spirit from a young age. “I was in my bedroom and there was a voice inside of my head that said ‘when you are older you will be psychic.’ I was in elementary school, I didn’t know what that meant.” As time went on, Greene realized she was intuitive and empathic, giving advice to friends. “Everybody has connections to their psyche,” she explained, “and that develops over time.” 

Greene was in chiropractic college and received connections with people who have passed. After twenty seven years as a chiropractor, Greene switched over to full-time mediumship. 

“The reason I do this work is for the purpose of healing.” Greene clarified. She works through evidential mediumship, or giving the recipient of the message clarification that the spirit is coming to them through her own clairvoyance. Greene explains herself as simply the messenger, delivering love, healing and connection.

When Greene wasn’t relaying spirit’s message, her relaxed, bubbly attitude eased the audience. Cracking jokes and giving compliments, she was truly able to connect with every person in attendance on a molecular level. Individuals were astounded at messages received. The audience was fully present, living each message as Greene channeled them with grace. Understanding symbols, numbers, and letters, Greene used her own knowledge to pass along a message to loved ones.

Tears were shed, laughs were had, and applause was given to each spirit that conveyed a message. Greene’s heartwork is something that has to be experienced. 

The COA has plenty to offer in terms of program variety and community companionship. “We’re trying to get new people,” Aicha Kelley said. “There’s a lot of stigma around a senior center. There shouldn’t be. We have fun here. You can have conversations with anybody of any age. The programming is so great, from fitness to entertainment.”

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