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CATH hosts Meteorologist Harvey Leonard

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Boston local meteorologist, Harvey Leonard has recently retired and is off-air. Beginning as Harvey Moskowicz, Leonard used his middle name on air and has been referred to as Harvey Leonard since. A year after working in Boston, Leonard is recognized as the first meteorologist to correctly predict the impact and intensity of the infamous Blizzard of '78. The chief meteorologist paid a visit to the CATH on Friday, March 3 to talk about all things New England weather. 

Born and raised in the Bronx, Leonard was always good with numbers. He told time and doubled numbers into the thousands at three years old.  He recalled the trick for seniors as proof, which naturally earned applause. He graduated high school at age sixteen. Trying engineering and math in college, neither seemed to stick. Leonard wiggled his way into meteorology through his extraordinary fascination with weather. 

The first radio show he ever did at fifteen dollars a week turned into a full-time meteorology job in New Rochelle. Nervous to appear on television, Leonard acknowledged, “There’s no place to hide on television. It was time for me to try for something.”  Having virtually zero chance of getting the job, he auditioned with WPRITV and accepted a job with them. 

Leonard spoke about weather patterns, the relationship between pressure and temperature, and climate change. In regards to weather uncertainties, he expressed, “Science evolves. We could learn something tomorrow didn’t know today that will change the way we thought. You have to keep an open mind.” Using scientific backing, Leonard’s math background and years of on-air experience made him a credible source for information. He added, “Weather is what’s happening outside right now… the average weather over a long period of time is what climate is… our climate has always been changing.”

After sharing his story and facts about how the weather is predicted, Leonard opened the floor to a Q and A. The packed house at the CATH was ready to ask a myriad of questions, which Leonard addressed in detail. Leonard’s presentation and chat were a wonderful way for seniors to prepare for the return of spring. 

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