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Breezy March brings Wind Wonders to Library

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Once a month, the Needham Public Library hosts an event for children six and up. This month, Diane Shetler hosted Wind Wonders. “We do something for this age group once a month, and it’s usually different theme. The theme changes but you know, March and wind!” she explained. A group of about eight kids roamed the room going from station to station, engaged in creating different wind themed crafts.

The group first went over how to make a device that included a straw and a small paper airplane. The airplane rested at the end of the straw, and when the straw was blown through, the airplane would fly quite abruptly across the room. This flight was the source of much joy for the kids, bringing smiles and laughs as the tiny planes zoomed across the space, hitting tables and some parents in the face.

Also included in these activities were helicopters, kites, and windsocks. The helicopters involved some complicated paper work, including staples and folds, so parents and babysitters helped out with those. Each kite included a bundle of string the kids could take home so that when they were able to test out their kites, they would have the appropriate materials to let their creations soar in the wind.

The windsocks were the most fun to make, mostly because the kids could choose the colors they wanted for the streamers. Some kids chose all sorts of colors, while others stuck to strict color themes, such as only yellow and red. They were also able to decorate the main part of the windsock, and were free to draw whatever sorts of designs they wanted. Some included polka dots and a variety of hearts.

As it was an exceptionally windy day, these creations were quite appropriate. Hopefully, the weather will continue to be windy, and warm up so that these creations can be utilized to their fullest extent.

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