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A Backyard Chronicle: Red Fox

By Nicholas Freedman, age 8, Needham, MA

It was Sunday morning and I was watching T.V.. My brother was eating pancakes. Suddenly, he said, “Fox in our backyard!” I ran to the window and saw the fox near the fence. He was just standing there and staring at our house and he looked like he was staring directly at me. He was very cute and his paws looked so soft, even softer than my cat. I called my mom to get a picture. While my mom was taking the picture, I was very excited. We watched the fox still staring at us. We kept our eye on him until he disappeared into our front lawn. What a surprising morning!

Some Facts about Foxes:
Foxes are part of the dog family.
A male fox is called a “dog”. A female fox is called a “vixen”. A baby fox is called a “pup”.
Foxes have incredible hearing and can even hear a watch tick from 40 yards.
Foxes are found on every single place in the world.
There are 37 types of foxes.
Foxes are very smart and tricky. Foxes are hard to catch because of how tricky they are.
In most books if there is a fox they are mostly trying to “outfox” other animals.

(Facts summarized from HomeSchool Pop Video, “Foxes for Kids” on YouTube)

This story was inspired by the Backyard Files column that was curated by our former editor, Stephen Press.

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