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Spaghetti and Snowballs at MHS

By Madison Butkus 

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Returning for the first time since 2019, The Medfield Music Association (MMA) held their holiday fundraiser dinner, now named “Spaghetti and Snowballs,” at Medfield High School (MHS) this past Tuesday, December 5th. There were two different seating times throughout the night, both of which were completely sold out.

When entering the school, an array of lights displaying “Spaghetti and Snowballs” lit up the building, along with a variety of festive holiday decorations. Before entering the hallway towards the cafeteria, everyone was welcome to meet and take a picture with Olaf. Once your picture was taken, it was time to make the short stroll down the hall where you would see a range of different performances from a flute group, Chamber, and The Sound Waves Acapella Group. 

Upon entering the fully packed cafeteria, there was an additional musical performance by the Medfield High School Concert Band played throughout the evening. To help out during this event, seventh and eighth grade music students were the servers, getting attendees food, drinks, and/or anything else they needed. 

In terms of the food, there were many different donors who helped contribute: Cooked Perfect donated the meatballs, Roche Bros. donated the spaghetti, BJs Wholesale donated a cake for the servers after the event as well as the plates and utensils, Shaw’s donated the dinner rolls, and Mother Anna’s was at MHS cooking the sauce in the kitchen. 

Either before or after eating this delicious spaghetti dinner, all were invited to buy a sweet treat from the bake sale or buy tickets for the gift basket raffle. There was never a dull moment all throughout the night, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful evening.

Co-Presidents of the MMA, Patti Allan and Jamie O’Loughlin, helped put together this entire event and were seen making sure everything was running smoothly. When speaking with Allan about the significance of this spaghetti dinner, she stated, “This year, we really just wanted to focus on the music. Our goal this year was to not make it tied to any one holiday, we just want to make it focused on the kids because music is for everyone. It doesn’t matter which religion you are or which holiday you celebrate, we just want everyone to come and enjoy the music.”  

The night was a huge success which beautifully showcased the musical talents of these students. Here’s to another extremely successful Spaghetti and Snowball event next year! 

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