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Opening reception at The Zullo

By Madison Butkus
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Zullo Gallery Center for The Arts hosted their opening reception this past Saturday night, where locals were welcomed to meet the artists and enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks. Starting back in 1988, the Zullo Gallery has been a cultural institution that aims to make art an integral part of the Medfield community. It is a non-profit, volunteer run organization that was originally created by the Medfield Council on the Arts. The overall goal is to support and promote the arts through the exhibition of a wide range of amazing artwork.

Over the past 25 years, the gallery has presented well over 120 different art exhibitions. Some of these shows have featured members of The New England Watercolor Society, The Copley Society of Boston, The Fort Point Arts Community in South Boston, and so many more.
This exhibition in particular was titled ‘New Visions - New Artist’s at Zullo’ and featured works by Patricia Bossange, Vincent Crotty, Clark Graff, Jan McElhinny, Janet Montecalvo, Carole Rabe, Robert Savage and Lucy Sur. All artists were in attendance, speaking with people about their work and, ofcourse, their love for art.

Something truly fascinating about all of these artists was finding out what inspires them and how they work on their paintings. One artist in particular, Jan McElhinny, went on to state, “My work just kind of evolves. It starts out one way and it ends up however. It’s not like ‘I have this plan and this is how I’m going to do it,’ it’s just not how I work. So I kind of let the materials and the lines go, and then something kind of emerges and I see it, then I get excited about it. I don’t exactly know what it all means but I don’t need to. I just need to know that this is going to hold in space.”

Another artist, Vincent Crotty, is originally from Kanturk, County Cork, Ireland and moved to Boston back in 1990. Originally hired to make signs, he moved onto creating beautiful paintings in which he states “are inspired by light and its ability to transform the ordinary into the sublime.” Crotty’s other inspirations include outdoor features like urban street life and pub interiors. When he visits back home to Ireland, it often acts as an endless source of inspiration within his life and work.

All of the artist’s work featured in Saturday’s exhibition can be found on the Zullo Gallery website at

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