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New turf keeps Medfielders safe

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By Evan Mayer
Hometown Weekly Intern

In 2004, Medfield’s sport teams were granted a new turf field. Over a decade later, the turf has seen its better days. With the wear and tear from the constant tackling, sliding and diving, it is time for the turf to be replaced with new and better materials to keep the players safe.

With the release of more studies on concussions, it becomes more and more apparent that towns need to keep their athletes safe. There are more sophisticated turf substances that help absorb the impact created by kids slamming their bodies to the ground. The new turf will use a shock pad as opposed to black rubber beads to help control and absorb hits when making hard contact with the ground.

According to Medfield’s Athletic Director, Eric Scott, it is necessary to replace the sports field turf. “Depending on the uses, turf fields (especially the synthetic fibers) need to be replaced every 10-12 years.” It has been 12 years since the turf was installed in 2004.

Many citizens were wondering how the turf is being paid for. “During the last town meeting, the funds were approved to replace the old turf,” said Scott. When asked what the benefits of having the new turf is, Scott replied: “The playability is closer to a natural grass surface with the benefits of drainage, numbers of uses and especially the safety of a synthetic field. There is also a shock pad under the turf that makes the field even safer for our student-athletes.”

With all of the new findings of concussion research, it is extremely necessary for the town to do whatever it can to keep its students safe on the field. With concussion testing throughout the season in addition to this new turf, students will play their sports in a much safer way. “The materials that are used to create the new synthetic turf are silica-coated sand with anti-bacterial/microbial infill, which includes the shock pad. The current turf only used a crumb rubber fill and did not have the shock pad to absorb the players’ hits.” The town is hoping that the turf will be ready by August 31, hopefully even sooner.

Over the last twelve years, Medfield’s turf has been through memorable moments, from the countless TVL boys lacrosse championships to the classic D-S Turkey Bowls on Thanksgiving. Medfield looks to the future and hopes to carry on its legacy with the new turf and the years to come.

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