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MSH Strategic Reuse Master Plan released

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The Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee has announced the release of the Medfield State Hospital Strategic Reuse Master Plan for the State Hospital site after four years of intensive effort.

Residential, cultural, commercial, retail, and recreational uses are incorporated into the plan. Key features include:

• Diverse housing types addressing needs for seniors, down-sizers, millennials, and affordability
• Restoration and reuse of almost all of the existing buildings
• Maximizing open space and vistas
• Buildings and open area for a cultural hub
• Space designated for a recreational and athletic complex.

Rendering of Preferred Master Plan for Medfield State Hospital.  Photos courtesy of

Rendering of Preferred Master Plan for Medfield State Hospital. Photos courtesy of

The plan balances the priorities and desires of the community with the economic and financial objectives of minimal impacts on school and town services, minimal effects on property tax rates, and the potential for profitable development from the investor’s perspective.

The Master Plan is available for review on the town’s website, located at: Viewers are encouraged to read the four-page Executive Summary first. A more detailed rationale and explanation of the plan is found in Chapter VIII, The Preferred Redevelopment Scenario (pages 85 - 122). A complete draft of the zoning by-law has also been prepared and can be read in the Appendix Document, Chapter 11, Draft Zoning By-law for Medfield State Hospital, (pages 137 - 175).

A copy of the Master Plan is available in the Medfield Town Hall and at the Medfield Library. The Master Planning Committee will be attending Medfield Day on Saturday, September 15, at booth #80.

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