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Managers: stop removing Kingsbury Pond ladders

As the perfect skating conditions persist, managers of the Grist Mill property ask that visitors please stop removing the ladders placed around the pond. The ladders are left around the pond as a safety precaution. If a skater or hiker should fall through the ice, the ladders serve as one of the quickest ways to remove them without endangering other visitors. 

While it is rare, one person has already fallen through the ice this winter. Luckily, they were unharmed. It is imperative that these ladders stay on the property as a way to aid someone in the time before rescue services can arrive.

Managers of the Grist Mill property are also looking for additional ladders. Anyone with old or broken extension ladders that they wish to donate can drop them off at the Medfield Transfer Station, with a note that says “Ice safety ladder.” They will then be taken to their new home at Kingsbury Pond.

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