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Harlem Wizards visit MHS

By Madison Butkus

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Medfield residents enjoyed a special treat on Wednesday, January 31st, as the World Famous Harlem Wizards visited Medfield High School (MHS) Gymnasium for a fundraising event. Throughout the evening, the Wizards engaged with the crowd, signed autographs, showcased amazing trick shots, played against Medfield teachers, and more.

Doors opened promptly at 6pm, and families and friends filled the MHS Gymnasium for this sold-out event. During the first hour, the Wizards warmed up, played games with fortunate children, practiced their trick shots, and signed autographs.

Depending on the ticket purchased, students received special upgrades for this exceptional experience, including courtside reserved seating, a pregame meet and greet with players, souvenir lanyards and color team photos, Wiz Kid jerseys, and/or an opportunity to play in a three-minute game with the Wizards during halftime.

While the Wizards practiced on one end of the court, Medfield teachers warmed up on the other, preparing for their head-to-head matchup with the Wizards. Introductions were given for every team member at the game's start, and the Wizards went all out with dancing and actively engaging the crowd, creating an electric atmosphere in the gymnasium. The Medfield teachers' team comprised fourteen teachers, while the Wizards had a team of six, including Broadway, Space Jam, Loonatik, Livewire, A-Train, and Mr. Bounce.

While all Wizards members were highly energetic, Loonatik particularly stood out in hyping up the crowd. He lifted students and teachers, danced around the court, and even went into the stands to interact with fans one-on-one. The immersive experience had everyone in attendance laughing and cheering along.

Throughout the basketball game, teachers made impressive shots, sometimes with assistance from the Wizards. Livewire and Mr. Bounce were even seen hanging from the hoop after making incredible dunk shots.

This fundraising event was undoubtedly a major success for the town of Medfield. Ticket and merchandise sales, including jerseys, light-up toys, basketballs, water bottles, etc., allowed the PTO to raise a substantial amount of money that will significantly benefit the community. Kiddos and their families left with smiles on their faces and wonderful memories.

For more information about the Harlem Wizards and their upcoming events, please visit their website at

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