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Doodlers celebrate Thanksgiving with turkeys

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

The Doodle Club has become a fascinating addition to the Medfield Library’s COVID-19 repertoire. No one ever needs to pick up supplies, except in very special cases - instead, participants create beautiful designs with just a pencil, pen, and paper. On Monday, November 16, the Medfield Public Library’s Doodle Club met to draw some fancy hand turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving. 

During each Zoom meeting of the club, people as far away as Arizona join Adult Services and Programming Librarian Bri Ozanne on her doodling quest.

Participants began by tracing an outline of their hands with a pencil. Then, Ozanne used a pen to show the audience some different patterns to decorate each finger of the turkey. Some participants used scrap paper to practice the patterns before adding them permanently to their turkey. Others added the shapes without hesitation. No matter what their method was, each feathered finger came out looking like a piece of foliage - perfect for a celebration that marks the end of fall. Ozanne went step-by-step for each patterned finger until the doodlers had hand turkeys full of tail feathers. After using strings of heart-shaped designs to fill in the body feathers of the turkey, Ozanne reminded doodlers not to forget to add a wing shape. 

As the doodlers continued to add different lines to their turkeys, one participant lamented that she had not added legs. Another remarked that the turkey didn’t need legs, as it was in no way at risk of being eaten.

“It’s a designer turkey,” acknowledged Cindy; no one could argue that. Each was coming out uniquely beautifully.

“I made my kind of running away, just in case,” replied a fellow doodler. 

Members of the group typically take a moment at the end of every Doodle Club to share their pieces of artwork with one other, and last week's was no different. Each participant’s turkey was filled with wistful shapes, worthy of a professional holiday card or decoration. While most participants drew turkeys, one took a chance and applied the same techniques to other animal shapes. “I love how we’re working on the same thing, but they all came out so different,” remarked one participant. 

Doodle Club has quickly cemented its place at the Medfield Public Library as one of the best ways for patrons to de-stress, most especially as the holidays approach. Each doodler left the Zoom meeting with a wonderful holiday decoration - and a sense of fulfillment at their having crafted it themselves.

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