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Black History Month Knowledge Quest begins

February is Black History Month, and the members of Medfield Together are looking forward to celebrating and sharing Black history with the town. Medfield Together is inviting the community to join them on a Black History Month “Knowledge Quest” throughout Medfield.

Families and individuals are challenged to visit various locations throughout Medfield to find Black history portals. A total of 20 significant individuals are featured at portals around Medfield, in windows of downtown businesses and at Medfield Public Schools. All portals will be marked with the Medfield Together Black History Knowledge Quest logo – several historical figures have connections to Medfield.

Participants will find as many people as they can - those who like solving mysteries may use the puzzle decoders on the Medfield Together website to find portal locations. There are inventors, scholars, athletes, artists, and other trailblazers among the portals. After, participants may enter Medfield Together's contest to win a gift card to Park Street Books. More information about the contest can be found at

The history and culture of the United States have been and continues to be significantly influenced by Black artists, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, activists, politicians and communities. So much of that history has not yet made its way to mainstream education. Black History Month reminds us that we have a responsibility to educate ourselves - to listen to Black folks past and present, learn from them and amplify their experiences so that history will include their stories and achievements too.

Medfield Together is an inclusive and anti-oppressive organization that works in partnership with the local community. Through education, action, and honest self-reflection, Medfield Together strives to make the community more welcoming and safe for all – regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, national origin or age.

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