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Ballet & Tap teaches more than dance

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The first type of physical recreation activity that comes to many people’s minds is sports. While sports are a fantastic way to get exercise and be a part of a community, alternative physical outlets, such as dance, are often overlooked.

Ballet & Tap teaches children two to four foundations of two traditional dance types

Ballet & Tap teaches children two to four foundations of two traditional dance types

Medfield Parks and Recreation offers a number of different dance classes for different age groups, offering a variety of options for children to get moving, meet people, and be a part of something bigger. One of these classes is Dance, Ballet & Tap. This class is open for children ages two to four and runs for six weeks at the Pfaff Community center.

Run by Elaine Mannix, who is a Commonwealth Dance Academy Instructor, the course brings together two traditional forms of dance in one program. The kids are able to enhance their coordination, balance and flexibility through introductory ballet. While many of the students wore leotards and ballet shoes, the garb isn’t required, and some girls even danced in their jeans. The tap part of the class involves following instructions, working with a group, and acquiring skills necessary to perform in a group. Once again, tap shoes are preferred but not required, making the course open to any and all who wish to participate.

While the class was attended by only young girls, it is not restricted to that. Parents and family members, including siblings, placed chairs around the space and were able to watch and encourage their children throughout the class.

Mannix has been teaching this course for about fifteen years, so she brings with her expertise, as well as an bright and joyful demeanor that makes the class particularly enjoyable for the young girls.

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