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Carol’s Corner: documenting inequalities

Hello everyone,

I never realized how privileged I have been throughout my life. 

I could have gone to any school I wanted to but because of financial problems I chose to work at W.T. Grants after graduating H.S.

I could walk all over Boston ( and I did, quite often) going to museums, parks, Boston Common, had picnics all over the Emerald Necklace)

Don and I bought our 1st house at 22 yrs old, he opened his barber shop at the same time.

Our kids had so many choices of schools, employment, areas to life.

We traveled all over the world with and without the kids. 

What a privileged life we white people live. We don’t all live in mansions but we have so many opportunities.


I heard a wonderful quote from someone I admire “Life Is So Short, You Either Stand For Something Or You Don’t"

Well it’s time for me to stand up and speak up about the inequality I (and you) have seen and been aware of all our lives.

To be honest words can’t address the injustice experienced by people of color, but to be silent is wrong it is a form of injustice too. I can’t ignore it any more.

It is not enough to simply be non racist ,we must be ANTIRACIST. We have to continue to confront racism and have uncomfortable conversations with one another.

I’m sad and hopeful that this will be the moment to come together to dismantle SYSTEMIC racism and inequality.

I don’t know the solution to the inequalities in our country, all I can do is plead with people to stop ignoring what has been in front of you all your life (ex: I’m a great Celtic fan for yrs and yrs and always noticed no black fans at games but I chose to ignore it, how many lovely dinners have we all had at expensive restaurants and never saw a person of color,  except for the help?)

Please, please pray to whomever you pray to for guidance to show us how to help change the racist culture we have had in our country for many generations.

Carol Fellini

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