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Hometown Weekly prints ludicrous April Fools’ stories

With their weekly publication date falling on April 1 - April Fools' Day - the staff of Hometown Weekly couldn't resist the chance for a bit of fun. Hometown Weekly printed special alternate April Fools' front pages this year - an individualized one in each of its editions - on page three of its papers. They also printed the headline stories from each April Fools' edition in the paper's website: Martians hover over Dover, drop rover; Live wolverine, “Bitey,” makes football team; Jarvis Farm to set new ‘Jason’ film; ‘Needham Nessie’ spotted in Rosemary Lake; and Peak House to become nightclub.

Subjects of stories in the print edition included bigfoot, extraterrestrials, a gaudy tattoo and a reanimated Walt Whitman, among others.

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